Building Supplies for Converting Your Shed to a Tiny Home

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Tiny home designs are an option that used to consist of building the home from the ground up. Over the years, the idea of tiny home living has gone from a mobile living concept to a stationary living concept. This has meant the base for the tiny home has changed. A popular base for a tiny home now is a shed. If you are considering converting a shed to a tiny home, here are some of the building supplies you will need. 


A level is one of the most important pieces of building supply equipment you will need to make a conversion from a shed to a tiny home. You will have several support beams to put in if you plan on adding walls for bathrooms or separate rooms. These walls, along with countertops and cabinets, must be even. The level is used to help you make those walls and beams level and to ensure there are no uneven spaces. An uneven wall, beam, or surface can cause integrity decline in the space and may lead to fallen or sagging walls.

Power Drill

When you are making a conversion from a shed to a tiny home, one of the most time-consuming aspects can be drilling holes for screws and other anchors. If you are using a traditional drill, this can take an increasingly long time. To reduce the time you spend on drilling holes, you should invest in a power drill. As far s building supplies go, a power drill can save you hours of work. It can also ensure all the holes you drill are aligned correctly and are the same uniform size. 

Nail Gun

A nail gun is a vital building supply for doing any major building projects. When you use a nail gun you not only save yourself time and energy. You also can ensure the nails go in all the way and do not bend or break. This can mean the difference between a professional finish or a finish that cracks the wood and can cause humidity to get into the cracks. Nail guns come in several designs and can have fully electric styles or rechargeable options. 

The building supplies you use for converting a shed to a tiny home can be found at most hardware and home improvement stores. If you have specific needs, such as specific dimensions, you can have these specially ordered or cut. If you have questions regarding certain tools or tool kits, discuss them with your building supplies contractor. They can help you locate the right items for the job and for further repairs or similar jobs you may have. 

Contact a local building supplies shop to learn more.