Does your home need a new perimiter wall?

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Whether you want to deter intruders, maintain your privacy, or stop children and pets from escaping onto the public road. Fencing can help with security, but over time than can become damaged or start to rot. It might be worth it to consider bringing in a team of bricklayers to build a perimeter wall for your property.

Why not build the wall yourself?

You might think that a wall is a simple project that you can complete yourself for a few evenings or a weekend, but, in reality, it is usually better to arrange for professional bricklayers to complete the job. Bricklaying may appear to be simple, but there is far more skill involved that is immediately apparent. It might seem that bricklayers only place one brick on top of another, but they do far more than that. Bricklaying is about how the bricks are placed just as much as where the bricks are placed.

To correctly build a brick wall, not only must the wall be straight, but it must be level. Achieving a correctly levelled wall requires an even application of mortar and the correct amount of pressure being applied to each brick. Without the skill of professional bricklayers, it can be hard to replicate the even finish that a wall needs. A badly finished wall will detract from the appearance of your property and may also lack the strength that comes from a professionally built wall.

Why not use a building firm?

When looking for someone to build your wall, you may see adverts by building companies that set out the services they can offer. Frequently these adverts will list bricklaying services as something they can provide for homeowners. While many builders can provide good bricklaying services, it can also be advantageous to use specialist bricklayers to complete your wall. If you work with a building company, it is best to ask them for details of their bricklaying experience and ask for examples of their work.

Sometimes, companies offering multiple skills will only focus on one or two of those skills, so if your wall has any particular challenge involved in its construction, look for a company that is entirely focused on bricklaying. They will have the focused expertise to tackle any difficulties that could arise during the building of the wall. If you have any doubts about your choice, always check the accreditation of the bricklayers, and seek testimonials from their past clients.