Road Line Marking: 3 Safety Tips For Your Work Crew

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If you are planning to carry out some road line marking on a public road, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your crew. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about staying safe while painting new road markings.

Personal protection equipment

Before you begin work, you should check that every member of the work crew is kitted out with the correct personal protection equipment. The machines used to lay new paint on the road can become very hot, so it is vital that each member of the team has a pair of gloves and a set of thick coveralls to protect their skin. You should also issue each member of your team with a set of perspex glasses which will protect their eyes from splatters of paint which may be ejected from the road marking machine. Finally, you should make sure that each member of the road crew is wearing a high-visibility vest which will ensure that motorists can see them when they are working in the road.

Cones and lights and signs

When repainting road markings, it is likely you will need to close each traffic lane in turn. When doing so, you should place warning signs out on the roadside on the approach to the location where the work will be conducted. These signs should warn motorists that work is being carried out ahead and that contractors may be in the road. The signs can also be designed to instruct drivers about which lane is closed and which lanes are in use. You should also deploy traffic cones on the road which gradually close the lane you will be working in and force any traffic to merge with the adjoining lane of traffic. If you are operating at night, flashing lights should be placed on these cones so they can be seen more easily.

Off-peak working hours

The biggest threat to your work crew is passing traffic. When repainting lines, a work crew will often have to work just a few feet away from passing vehicles. You can reduce the risk posed by passing cars and trucks by working during off-peak hours when the roads are quieter. The best times to work on the public highway are typically overnight between the evening and morning rush hours.

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