Getting a building inspection following a renovation

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When you are doing a renovation a lot of the focus tends to be on making sure that the new construction is up to standard, but you also need to make sure that the renovation has not caused any damage to the non-renovated sections of the home. Here are some good indications that you might want to get a building inspection service to look at your home. 

Significant weight is being added

If you have added significant weight to your home it can be a good idea to get the house inspected to ensure that this doesn't create unnecessary weight. This could include situations where an extra storey has been added to the house, replacement of lightweight building materials such as tin sheeting with heavier ceramic tiles or by adding heavy items such as large spa baths. While the extra weight should be anticipated when the renovation is planned, it can be a good idea to check the foundation if you have some concerns as it can lead to cracking on the walls and ceilings which can be costly to rectify. 

Compliance to Australian Building codes

If you are planning on selling the property soon after the renovation then it's a good idea to ensure that the renovations are compliant with Australian Building code. You can provide this information to the buyers to help give them confidence in the purchase of the home and this can often speed up the selling process. 

In addition in Canberra it can be a good idea to get your energy rating updates, particularly if the renovation has made the house more energy efficient. 

Safety concerns

If you are concerned about the safety aspect of the renovation including electrical wiring giving a bad (burning) smell when it is in use or damp patches appearing on the wall near the power points it can be a great idea to idea get a building inspection. This can help to identify any safety issues with the renovation, especially issues that can be hard to visually assess as an amateur or give you peace of mind if no issues are identified. If you do discover building issues they can then be rectified to make the home safe. 

If you are getting a significant home renovation it can be a great idea to get an external building inspections service to help check that your renovation is up to relevant standards and is safe.